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Ciao, thanks for dropping by!

Hey, I 'm Wendy and welcome to my world in this beautiful corner of Italy. This is where I've learned to be alive, to live life with passion and sparkle.

For 38 years I lived in the UK. I followed the unspoken rules of how life should be, until my life became so numb I almost gave up. It's a long story......

Today I follow my dreams and live life as it was meant to be. It's taken 13 years, but now I've found the secret, I'm finding myself....I'm becoming me and I've created a world of self love, confidence coaching and  body positivty.

I'm not suggesting you have to move to Italy if you want to change your life, but if you'd like to follow my story, you'll discover that there is life after 50 and it's amazing.

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