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A Blast From The Past

When I first moved to Italy I started a blog about my adventures. The style was totally different to this one, but I thought I would share just one of my past posts for fun.

For Sale, self build in ground swimming pool

Just as things appeared to be getting rather mundane and run of the mill, a new and almost unbelievable posting was made on the forum… For sale self build in ground swimming pool This is everything you need to build a 38' x 16' x 8' at the deep end in ground swimming pool complete with Roman end steps. (Ohhh Roman steps) All the parts I have shipped from the UK the only other products required are sand, cement and edging stones (slight understatement there, you will also need a digger to remove the very large amount of earth necessary to accommodate said pool). The kit contains 2 underwater lights, pump, skimmers, liner, filter and all the pipework and valves. There is a high quality solar summer cover that will heat the pool and a heavy duty winter cover, there is also an additional ladder for the deep end, all the kit is complete and still in original packaging. All the original documents and instructions. This kit cost me 12,000 pounds to buy plus haulage costs, I am looking for offers on the whole kit as my property is going up for sale.

What an absolute BARGAIN ! and don’t the Roman steps sound inviting. As you can imagine, there was lots of advice from putting it up for sale on ebay to having a ‘build a pool party’ where virtual friends all got together at the sellers house and actually installed the pool for free. However, the seller wanted to sell it separately as there was no way his house was going to actually fetch what he had already paid for it, plus he’d spent thousands and thousands on renovating a house with ten bedrooms. Oops. So, that concludes a whole year of this blog, and you have been introduced to the movers and shakers in this part of Italy. There have been happy times and sad times (which haven’t appeared here) but on the whole this is what life has been like

#fun #repost #expatlife

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