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What’s In A Name

The season has officially changed, and life in the mountains has too. The days are still warm and sunny, but thankfully the nights are cooler. We’ve gone from ‘piano piano’, meaning slowly slowly, to full on, let’s get prepared mode in just a matter of weeks.

Yesterday our new log burner arrived at 8 am….20 minutes later, the first members of the public were strolling past. The jungle drums around here are very finely tuned. We rarely see anyone on foot or in a car, but the moment anything new arrives or privacy is called for, everyone and their mother turns up. They’re not afraid to ask what you’re doing either. It’s so refreshing...sometimes.

So the log burner arrived, but it wasn’t installed, a very long and not very interesting story. Subsequently, the entire living room has to be moved around; otherwise, the sofa will go up in flames. That meant a trip to the city to look for a new sofa. Oh, how I love a good day out.

Italy is known for its gorgeous, modern furniture. In the past, I would never have entered a bespoke shop for anything. Not having a full grasp of the language held me back, but I went for it this time. These places are labyrinths. Every shape, size, colour you can imagine, and they can all be adapted and made just how you want. There’s just so much choice. We were greeted warmly and then left to our own devices, which was terrific. It was so refreshing. We asked for a quote, another ‘thing’ that happens here; nothing has a price on it. Cars, jewellery, furniture, you have to ask, but it can be a little embarrassing when things turn out to be twice the price you thought they might be.

Nevertheless, there was the most beautiful yellow, yes ochre yellow sofa, that I fell in love with, so I asked for a price. I got a tour of the sofa, its features, fabric, and options, and then I was told a quote would be emailed to me. Later, as promised, the email arrived, and the price wasn’t as bad as I imagined. A multipage document with diagrams, dimensions and the colour I had chosen, it was highly detailed. Something I particularly loved was the title given to the person that had been so very helpful in the store….Interior Designer...absolutely brilliant. That’s the way to make both the customer and the staff member feel good. Be big and be bold, don’t make yourself small; give yourself a grand title. The whole experience made me smile.

And in other news….

Down at the coast, the grape harvest has almost come to an end for another year, and production of the local wine is well underway; it’s always an exciting time. Up here in the mountains, it’s olives and not vines that are grown on a large scale, and the harvest doesn’t start until the end of October. That means I have a few weeks to work on another project, which has involved visiting some beautiful villas and eating out a lot; here’s a sneak peek…

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